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Edible Wild Plants Recipes & Calendar

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About This Recipe Calendar: In May 2009, NALT began a 1-year project called the Edible Wild Plants Project, to expand the services offered by the Nursery. One objective of the project was to create a recipe book of edible wild plants, to be launched at the end of project. Over time, the concept morphed into a recipe calendar. This little book is the realization of that objective. (reprinted Feb 2024)

About the Recipes: The recipes in this calendar follow the seasons. The months of January and December rely on berries harvested in the summer; but all other months are timed to use freshly-harvested edibles—from the forest or your backyard. Some recipes may prompt you with new ideas and inspiration – such as the abundance and variety of edible wild greens growing on the BC Coast. Others, such as berry recipes, can be adapted to use whatever is most available to you in season – or in in your freezer. Enjoy!

Special Note: When harvesting from the wild, always remember to harvest ethically – taking no more than 10% of whatever you are harvesting from any one site. When considering using plants that are rare, such as wild ginger, we urge you to visit the Natural Abundance Native Plant Nursery – where you can purchase stock to plant in your own garden and harvest from there.