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Solstice Month at the Native Plant Nursery

Jun 25, 2024 | All Posts, Nursery

Solstice Month

This Solstice month moves us into summer. You can sense it in the changes in bird behavior, mild days still with scattered showers, emerging green shoots and buds as some spring plants retreat until next early spring. The bleeding heart, yellow violas, and fawn lilies are done blossoming, while Goat’s beard, False Solomon seal, Salmonberry, and the Pacific rhododendron are now blossoming.

Here are pictures of volunteers in action as we move into summer. Bob and Pat are potting plants for sale. Deryck, Wayne, and Nikki are adjusting the greenhouse shade cover for summer sun.

While we make efforts to maintain biodiversity, it’s beneficial for our gardens to provide ecological function, besides beauty. Removing last season’s dead vegetation too early can stress plants by exposing them to repeated freeze thaw cycles, as well as destroying dormant pollinators. We encourage you to leave the leaves and hollow stems, and ours at the nursery have looked weatherworn, but for good reason. Now it’s time to tidy up as we move into summer.

Enjoy the season!  

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