The Pollinator Project

Photo – Nick Longo


 The Pollinator Project

The goal of this project is simple: to encourage property owners to create pollinator habitats. Creating a pollinator habitat is easy – often it only takes a few simple changes to your garden or yard. And, sadly, there is great need for this as many native bee and butterfly species are known to be in decline.

What are the main threats to pollinators?

  • Pesticide use
  • Disease transfer from non-native honey bees
  • Climate change
  • Habitat loss

Amongst those threats, scientists believe that habitat loss is the biggest factor for pollinator decline. NALT’s Pollinator Toolkit outlines the steps we can take to turn our gardens, yards, and patios into pollinator habitat. Visit the Nanaimo & Area Pollinators Paradise Project website for more information and to review the Pollinator ToolKit.

Add Your Pollinator Garden to our Habitat Map

We are feeding pollinators!

Habitat Map

One way for us to track our efforts at enhancing pollinator habitat in our region is by having participants add their gardens to our habitat map. You can do this easily by following this link and filling out the survey.

Gardens that meet the criteria for certification will be eligible to receive our lovely pollinator garden sign for free. This sign will help you spread the word about the project to your neighbours, and hopefully spark some important conversations about habitat.